Interesting Facts about Human Cells

A cell is the smallest unit of an organism which is involved in several important biological activities of a living organism. Therefore it is called the basic, structural, fundamental, and functional unit of all the living species existing on the planet earth.

The term cell is originally derived from a Latin word which refers to a small room. A single, minute cell can perform several functions to keep an organism healthy and alive. In general, a human body comprises about 100 trillion cells which are mainly involved in different specialized functions.

Let us know some interesting facts about human cells.

Fact – 1
There are two primary types of cells – the Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells. These cells are differentiated based on the presence and absence of the definite nucleus.

Fact – 2
The first cell to be originated on Earth was a Prokaryotic cell, later evolved the Eukaryotic cells.

Fact – 3
Our body creates billions of cells every day, as more than 200 million cells die per minute in the human body.

Fact – 4
A group of cells forms a tissue, which in turn form organs and the organ system.

Fact – 5
The longest cell in the Human body is the motor neuron which measures 1 meter in length and about 0.1 millimeters in diameter.

Fact – 6
The largest cell in the Human body is the feminine egg and the smallest is the male sperm cell.

Fact – 7
A single cell contains a number of functional structures called as organelles.

Fact – 8
For every 24 hours, cell cycle takes place to divide and produce a new cell.

Fact – 9
The average size of a human cell ranges from 10 µm and 100 µm. Moreover, the size of a cell is generally determined by its diameter and not by the length.

Fact – 10
Every living organism is composed of the cell. Among which, few are called as unicellular organisms as they are composed of only one cell, for example, bacteria and some are multicellular as they are composed of many cells, for example, humans, plants, animals, and birds.

There are a lot of facts about the human cells. These were a few of the interesting facts about the human cell. For more detailed information about the cell, types of cells, cell theory and who discovered cell visit BYJU’S website and also enjoy by watching various subject related YouTube videos by subscribing to YouTube videos.

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