Is It Better To Eat Fast Or Slow


In this day and age everyone is always on the go and is striving to get success in this competitive world. In this kind of a stressful life, you don’t even have time to sit and eat properly. In this scenario, if you are wondering “is it better to eat fast or slow”, then keep reading.

A few people have adopted this busy lifestyle so much that they have made it a habit to eat fast without knowing is it better to eat fast or slow?

Eating fast not only makes your lifestyle unhealthy; but it also makes your life more stressful. If you are the one who eats food very fast and you are always in a hurry, you must know what happens when you eat fast.

The following are a few noteworthy points that you must know if you eat very fast and these are the things that can happen when you eat too fast. Take a look.

Indigestion According to a recent study, eating fast can result in “gastroesophageal reflux disease”, which is a specific type of indigestion problem, which triggers a blazing pain in the chest. In serious cases, this disease can result in narrowing of the oesophagus, which can make it very hard for you to gulp something. Some other problems like bloating and hiccups can also occur because while gobbling your food, you gulp down loads of air.

Overeating When you eat fast, you basically gorge on your food, i.e., your stomach doesn’t get enough time to communicate to your brain that now you have had enough food and should stop. This way, you tend to overstuff yourself. On the other hand, eating slowly gives you the time required for your stomach to send signals to your brain that you have eaten sufficient food. Thus, you eat smaller number of calories when you eat slowly.

You Don’t Enjoy Your Food A hurried meal can never give you the pleasure of the texture, taste, colour and aroma of the food. If you eat fast, at times it may be your habit or at times it may be because of some restraints such as you might be driving, or that you are on an important call or working. Whatever be the reason, when you already know what happens when you eat too fast, you must slow down and relish your food and must make your mealtime a pleasurable moment.

There are some significant reasons that will make you understand the fact “is it better to eat fast or slow” a little better? When you eat slowly, you take tiny bites; you gnaw each and every bite slowly and in a relaxed manner, taking longer time.

This process helps you to enjoy your food for an extended time. Eating slowly is not that difficult; and this simple change can give you amazing benefits. Below are some of the remarkable benefits that you can receive when you eat slowly.

Reduced Stress When you are eating, just put your mind to it. Focus on your food instead of diverting your mind to other things. By eating slowly, you will pay more attention to your food and enjoy it thoroughly, which in turn will result in a happy and stress-free life.

Improved Digestion Eating slowly will help you to grind your food nicely, which automatically results in an improved digestion. When your digestive power improves, you have to face very few digestive issues.

Weight Loss When you eat fast, you continue to eat even if you are full because your brain doesn’t get the time to realise that you are stuffed now. However, when you eat slow, you have enough time to comprehend that you are completely stuffed and should stop at this point. This way, you can easily lose weight by eating slowly in addition to eating healthier food.

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