Is Social Media Firing Back on BJP

Is Social Media Firing Back on BJ

Is Social Media Firing Back on BJP?

Use of social media by Politicians

Providing enough silage for political jokes, satire songs and mocking memes, several old poll ads and speeches have started haunting the saffron party i.e BJP.

As it is said “Life is an echo” what you send, it always gets back to you with time! Who knows this better than (BJP) Bhartiya Janata Party. As it is highly active on Social media.

As the social media surge that the saffron party enjoyed riding for some years seems spinning against the BJP and PM Narendra Modi. Most of the anti-Modi material appearing on social media turns out to be his old tweets and speeches—which were part of BJP’s full-throttle movement during run-up to parliamentary elections. Thanks to searchable documentation of social media, the “bluff and bluster” has refused to age in the public awareness.
Yes, it is true! Social media is firing back on BJP.

BJP is getting intolerant to criticism on social media. They have certainly cracked the social media code and are using humor to give BJP and its followers or supporters a dose of their own medicine. On the other hand, opposition parties like Congress and more are trying to bolt on to this trend and level the playing field, at least on social media. Let’s see what happens next!!

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