Japan sending students to Indian schools to speak fluent English



In what could be seen as the rising importance of Indian education on the global platform, local students in Japan are now going to Indian schools in the country to learn English.

According to this report in The Indian Express, the Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Tokyo is one of the many Indian schools which Japanese are taking a great interest in.

In GIIS, 35 percent of the students are Japanese.

The report also said that Japan is struggling with the English language. In fact, signs were spotted which read, ‘Today is under construction” at construction sites.
.And, it seems the Japanese government is very worried about the terrible English of its citizens.

However, this is not a new phenomenon. Earlier, in 2008, New York Times noted in its report, “many Japanese are feeling a sense of insecurity about the nation’s schools, which once turned out students who consistently ranked at the top of international tests. That is no longer true, which is why many people here are looking for lessons from India.”

In fact, many textbooks used in Japan’s kindergarten schools are from India, most of the teachers are South Asian, and classroom posters depict animals out of Indian tales.

The NYT article also noted that Japan, like India, wants its 2-year-old pupils to count upto to 20, 3-year-olds to be introduced to computers, and 5-year-olds to learn to multiply.

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