Kabul: At least 30 dead, 60 injured as ISIS claims responsibility for hospital attack


Terrorist in guise of doctors stormed the largest military hospital in Kabul, killing at least 30 people and injuring 60 others, said Afghan officials, adding that the final count could be much higher. The terrorists unleashed a fire assault on the security forces, before they were taken down by Afghan commandos. Later, the interior ministry also said in a brief statement that all the attackers had been killed by the commandos, who landed on the Sardar Duad Hospital. The attack started at 9 am, local time, when one of the terrorists blew himself up near the south gate of the hospital, while three others attackers entered the compound from the second gate, BBC reported.

The remaining attackers traced their way to the third floor of the hospital – carrying small arms and hand grenades – spraying bullets at the fleeing staff members. One of the staff members, who was able to get away, told reporters that the terrorists are ‘wearing a white coat holding a Kalashnikov and opening fire on everyone, including the guards, patients and doctors’.

Six hours after the attack had begun, interior ministry spokesperson Sediq Sediqqi tweeted that special forces had ended their operation and all the attackers were dead. Afghan deputy leader Abdullah Abdullah also condemned and tweeted that he would “avenge the blood of our people.”

The Islamic state has claimed responsibility for the operation.

The Islamic state has been active in Afghanistan since 2015 and has carried out a number of attacks in the country, including a suicide attack at Kabul’s Supreme Court last month that killed at least 22 people.

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