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Kiwi Is New Superfruit That Can Improve The Quality As Well As The Quantity Of Your Sleep


Scientists from Taipei Medical University may have finally found the superfood or superfruit rather that could be the secret to good night’s sleep. Although people are aware of the vitamin C content in Kiwi’s and it’s antioxidant properties, this new finding shows Kiwis in a new light

The study states that the high-level of serotonin and antioxidants in Kiwis make it a natural and potent sleep agent.

The month-long study found that participants eating two whole kiwis every night before going to bed showed much-improved sleep time and sleep quality. The consumption of Kiwis increased their average sleep by 13 percent longer if they ate the fruit.

What’s equally significant is the fact that the time taken to fall asleep once they hit the sack reduced by a massive 35 percent!

There are several other studies backing up the claim behind the fact that these two properties found abundantly in kiwis can help improve sleep:

Previous studies have established the link between poor sleep and a decreased level of antioxidants. Recovery sleep has also shown to restore your antioxidant levels.

The hormone serotonin has previously been associated with depression and mood disorders. Studies have also shown how it remains a critical aspect of sleep.

Foods rich in potassium and magnesium, such as leafy greens, nuts and seeds have long been known to improving your quality of sleep. It’s time you add kiwis to that list of foods as well.

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