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Know the benefits of wearing Rudraksha


We all know that the precious stone Rudraksha symbolises Lord Shiva. According to Shiv Puran, it is believed that the precious beads were formed out of the tear drops of Lord Shiva when he came out of meditation. Hence, when the tear drops fell on the ground, it took the form of seeds, which gave birth to Rudraksha trees.

Rudraksha seed is produced by the large evergreen broad-leaved trees in the genus Elaeocarpus, that are found in the Gangetic plain in the foothills of the Himalayas to Southeast Asia, Nepal and Indonesia.

Here, we highlight some benefits of wearing Rudraksha:

It is believed that Rudraksha has an electromagnectic character that helps heal the human body medically.

Also, the precious stone has a property of diamagnetism that helps heal heart-related problems like hypertension.

It is helpful for those who are constantly travelling as the magical stone helps create a cocoon of your own energy and thus, prevents one from falling sick.

Rudraksha also guards against any negative energy around you.

Lastly, Rudraksha not just heals you medically and protects you from the evil eye but also heals you spiritually.

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