Know your olive oil – Which one is best for Indian cooking?


Olive oil has emerged as the catchword for today’s health-conscious Indians – from ruling the kitchens to taking over the cosmetic world.

Olive oil, pressed from fresh olives, probably, is the most widely-used oil in cooking.

With exposure to international cuisines, olive oil has made a special entry in the Indian household. Lauded for its health benefits, one blindly turns to it for all things related to food, ignoring crucial aspects such as the type and purpose of olive oil being used.

Essentially, there are 4 types of olive oil, and each has its own unique characteristics. Del Monte, a leading brand in the Italian cuisine, has a comprehensive range of olive oil, giving consumers a choice to be able to pick the right oil for the right purpose. Take a look as the brand gives a crash-course on this miracle oil.

Extra virgin olive oil

This highest grade of olive oil with an excellent aroma and flavour is a boon for people looking to replace their usual vegetable oil. One can experience its rich Mediterranean taste by drizzling on salads. It can also add taste and health to veggies when used for sautéing. The same can also be used as a healthier alternative to butter by simply dipping breads in it.

Classic olive oil

A blend of extra virgin olive oil, it has a mild aroma & texture. Good for Mediterranean, Continental and light Indian cooking. This oil can be used for preparing pasta recipes & stir-frying veggies or rice. The same is also considered an effective moisturizer which nourishes skin and hair. This also makes for a perfect massage-oil for babies and adults alike.

Light flavor olive oil

This olive oil can be distinguished by its light color and subtle taste. This form of olive oil is perfect for daily cooking- be it regular Indian meals or continental dishes. This can be used for frying, sautéing, roasting and baking.

Olive pomace oil

This light oil with neutral taste and flavor is most suitable for Indian cuisine. It has a high smoking point which makes it perfect for deep-frying. Give those otherwise heavy meals like pulav, pakoras, paranthas and curries a light makeover by adding olive pomace oil instead of other oils.

In the ancient world, olive oil was popularly called ‘liquid gold’. Most chefs today recommend the use of olive oil, mainly due to its immense health benefits.

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