Last Flag Flying trailer: Richard Linklater’s upcoming film is pain and joy in equal parts

The trailer of Richard Linklater’s upcoming film Last Flag Flying starring Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne has released. It looks like the film is going to leave you in two situations — you’ll either find yourself laughing sheepishly or reaching out for that box of tissues.

The story of this comedy drama revolves around Richard “Doc” Shepherd (played by Carell), whose son gets killed in combat. Doc does not want to be left alone for his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery, which is why he and his old friend Sal (played by Cranston) set out on a journey to find the third member of their group, so that they can bury Doc’s son.

The long-lost friend is actually Mueller (played by Fishburne), who has now sobered up and become a local pastor. The three of them had also served in the Navy for thirty years after getting busy in their lives post-retirement. They reunite now, for another mission. After receiving his son’s coffin, Doc decides that he would rather bury his son at home and from there on, the three friends along with the coffin, get on an eventful journey to New York.

What’s great about the trailer is that in under 3 minutes, it shows you the three different personalities that blend together to give the film laughter and grief in equal proportions. While Sal’s carefree, alcoholic ways create hilarious situations, Carell’s pain of losing a loved one looms over your head, too. Mueller, being the reserved one, always likes to play it safe which is like fuel to Sal’s sarcasm. As the journey ensues, there are revelations about the three characters, the son who is now dead and with that, come a bevy of life lessons — all delivered subtly.

It’s safe to say that Last Flag Flying could prove to be a formidable competitor at the Oscars this year. The film is based on Darryl Ponicsan’s novel of the same name.

Watch the trailer here:

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