Latin America is the most violent country for the female Gender- Latest UN Reports

Latin America is the most violent country for the female Gender

Latin America is the most violent country for the female Gender- Latest UN Reports

Latin America along with the Caribbean are the two most violent countries in the world as far as women are concerned. United Nations in their latest report pointed out the fact that Central America and Mexico are similarly dangerous as well.

The Report was presented in Panama by the UN Women and UN Development Programme. The reports speak about the assaults that have persisted on the women in these two regions in spite of the legal absolutions prevailing here.

Violent behavior against women is a crucial issue according to the UNDP. they are concerned about the violence spreading everyday, causing destructiveness and conflict all around.

The rate of sexual violence is not far behind as well. The rate in these regions, especially in Latin America is the highest as well. The rate is more for people who are not in a relationship. However, for people in a relationship, the rate is the second-highest in the world.

Out of the 10 countries, three have the highest rape cases against women and girls. The most cases were said to be in Caribbean. Apart from the same, Femicide is prevalent on a large scale in these regions, especially in Central America. Approximately three women are killed every other day because of them being women. The levels of violence and killings are reaching new heights. It is like an epidemic.

Central America’s Northern Triangle is the most dangerous region simply because of the drug cartels and the gangsters.

According to the UN report, 24 out of 33 countries in Latin America alone have various laws and regulations against domestic violence. However, only nine have passed these legislations to tackle these violent behaviors.

Many countries of all of these regions are trying to propagate their legal ways. However, even after all the efforts made by them, the epidemic keeps striking the people, damaging the rights, health and safety of the people, especially women.

The UN in their report also suggest means to tackle all the violence in these regions. They could do so by strengthening and empowering the institutions and the policies in their local jurisdictions. The “Patriarchal” way of living needs to be addressed as well.

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