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Lessons we can learn from Lord Shiva


The Supreme most of the Hindu trinity – Lord Shiva – is a force to reckon with.

With Mahashivaratri around the corner, let’s take a look at some of the lessons we can learn from the Lord himself, who represents eternal truth, invincible force, immortality and compassion.

Lord Shiva seated in a meditative posture maintains calm and composure even when there are forces of varied kinds to distract him.

We mustn’t get influenced by what is happening outside in the material world but look deep within for inner peace and happiness.
We need to remain focused on our work and not get wavered.

Lord Shiva is an epitome of compassion. He treats all his devotees equally. Whether a Dev or a Danav, Pashu or Manav, Lord Shiva loves one and all.

We need to learn how to be compassionate towards all forms of life on earth.

Lord Shiva destroys evil of all kinds to restore sanity, peace, calm and happiness.

We mustn’t allow the evil to flourish – whether it is jealousy, pride, ego, anger, lust and greed inside us or unjustness, treachery, hatred etc in the outside world.

Desires lead to destruction and expectations lead to disappointment. So uproot these from your system.

Lord Shiva held the mighty Ganges in his matted locks. This was no easy feat. Ganga was known for her destructive currents. He firmly held her in his head and thus helped her descend on earth.

Only a mind that is unshakeable can emerge stronger and victorious. Stability brings in a sense of security. Hence attain stability by overcoming confusion.

The layers of ash on his body remind us about the supreme truth – that nothing is eternal or permanent. Materialistic pleasure is temporary and time is the most powerful.

Lord Shiva’s third eye is symbolic. It teaches us to look beyond what we can see to unveil the truth.

Lord Shiva also known as Rudra derived his powers from his better-half (Shakti). Chivalry is when one respects and acknowledges the power of the feminine.

Lead life with simplicity.


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