Lib-lafangas AIB troll PM Modi again, but this time they have gone too far and roasted themselves


Comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB) on Tuesday posted a photoshopped image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a poster of the soon-to-be-released horror flick The Nun, an American gothic horror film directed by Corin Hardy. On one hand, it looks like the lib-lafangas of AIB are making a pointed jibe at the fascist tag bestowed on the government by Pune Police, on the other, it seems to be a full-on cocking a snook at the government for its overriding the constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of speech and expression as in the arrest and subsequent release of student Lois Sofia.

This is not the first time AIB has lampooned PM Modi, earlier in July 2017, the Mumbai Cyber Police had filed a first information report against one of the founders of All India Bakchod for insulting the PM through a tweet, and now in 2018, the slapstick bros of AIB have done it again.

The image is wrong the moment the PM was brought into the picture, there were other BJP leaders to be messed with. The photo posted can be deemed to be an insult to the country that has voted in this government headed by Narendra Modi. Twitterverse is a minefield by now with some calling for social media punishment to AIB by blacking them out. What’s been made by social media should also suffer without it.

It’s expected that the highest elected post in the country be conferred some respect, even if questions are asked. Mind you, even those who propel themselves to reach historic heights like this become worthy of respect and are icons looked up to by millions of people. However, going by AIB’s post, it looks like the comedy gang does not have the least regard for the PM and the citizens of India whom he represents.

While in the internet era and social media, memes are a part of life and even PM Modi is not spared by them. But this is just too much and ain’t funny.

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