Logan trailer: Wolverine may finally restore our faith in superhero movies

Old, weak and hurt, Wolverine looks nothing like how we have always seen him in the trailer for Logan.

The trailer, released on Thursday, shows Hugh Jackman reprise his role as the fierce hero; except he is not as fierce anymore. In what looks like a long, long time since Days of Future Past, he has grown older, his powers are not the same, there are scars all over his body and he looks incredibly tired of life itself.

“The world is not the same as it was,” Logan tells an even older Professor Charles Xavier who is living on IV fluids in a dark, eerie chamber. Sir Patrick Stewart has come back in a supporting role for the film.

“The mutants are gone,” he says but he is wrong. There is a ‘she’; and ‘she’ is ‘just like him’. We see Logan meet a young girl, a mutant we guess, and it is now his responsibility to keep her safe. They travel together, fight bad men together, and we are sure, form a sweet bond with each other. By the way, that’s whose tiny little hand we saw on the poster.

The trailer unfolds to the lyrics of one of Johnny Cash’s best songs, Hurt and the makers could not have made a better choice. The words (‘I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real’) and the gradual ascension of the tempo are perfect for this brilliantly edited clip.

Not much is given away about the story, thanks to the good judgement of everyone involved, except that this is nothing like any X-Men movie we have ever seen before. It rides high on emotion, pain and suffering and still finding hope in another person. All this from just the trailer but still not even the name of the girl.

After a slew of similar looking, similar sounding superhero films, Logan’s trailer has given us new-found hope that the genre has not met it’s saturation point yet. There are still unexplored territories that do not include gaping holes in the sky, vomiting out aliens.

Director James Mangold’s Logan is scheduled for a March 3, 2017 release and also stars Narcos star Boyd Holbrook and British comedian Stephen Merchant.

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