Low on sex drive? Worry no more! Here are 6 surprising aphrodisiac food items that feed your sex drive


It is no surprising fact that oily and fatty food such as burgers and pizzas make us crave for a good nap. How unromantic that could be when you are with you better half… Isn’t it? But did you know that there are some food products that would actually want you to take your shirt off and get naughty with your partner? Yes, that’s true! There are some nutrient-packed foods (apart from chocolates and bananas) that can actually give a big boost to your libido. Surprised? Read on to know more…

Having a great sex life is a complete lifestyle in its own way. We have often seen people depressed and frustrated who lack this important factor in their life for different reasons. It is imperative that one must make time for it and do stuff like going out for dates, have a date night and make your bedroom a place you would want to be romantic in. Well, guys do pay attention to what you eat before your special time!

If you feel that you are not in a mood for making love or you are low on sex drive, don’t worry! We are suggesting some food items you may try before hitting the bed which will definitely give a big boost to your sex drive!

Goji Berries
Did you know that Goji Berries for long have been used a sexual tonic in some Asian countries as they are believed to increase testosterone? Yes, it indeed is true! So, wait for nothing and try sprinkling these on cereals, salads or just eat handful of it. You can also buy them in a dried form.

Pomegranates are amongst the most famous fruits that are known for increasing your sex drive. While studying its benefits for heart related issues and blood pressures, the experts actually found out that drinking pomegranate juice can actually increase sex drive. Apart from the juice, you can also eat pomegranate to improve your sexual drive. 

Certainly, the smell of onion is not bearable and is a big turn off! But, it is true that the veggie strengthens the reproductive organs and increases testosterone boosting libido in both men and women. Did you know that onions are known as a tonic for building sexual energy in Ayurveda? Did you know that monks and saints have to actually avoid because it is known for building up semen? So, those onions that give you tears are actually the reason for the joy in your life sex lovers! Don’t make faces next time when you eat them right!

Fatty Fish
Salmon, tuna, and mackerel are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which increase the dopamine level in our body; it is the same hormone that is released in the brain during an orgasm. Fatty fish is also has L-arginine, an amino acid used to treat problems with erections. Well, kick off those Viagra pills and try on some natural remedy with a delicious grilled fatty fish and treat your problem!

One of the most used species in the onion genus in our daily food items, garlic is not used for warding off vampires only. Garlic has allicin in it that creates heat in our body and has been proven to boost testosterone and improved sexual stamina.

 Hot Chilies
A chemical found in fiery peppers, capsaicin increases circulation to get blood pumping and stimulates nerve endings and therefore, you will end feeling more turned on. The way it tastes spicy, hot chilies are found to spice up your sex life too.


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