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Lower back pain? Try these tips for quick relief


Having a back pain these days is very common due to the hectic schedules and stressful working culture. It not only irritates us the most, but also compels us to visit a doctor. Almost two-third of the population in world, witnesses back pain at some point in their lives.

Back pain can be caused by various spinal problems. But, don’t worry as as certain physical therapies can prove to be an effective treatment for back pain and provide added benefits of improved psychological well-being and quality of life.

Here are a few physical therapies that you can easily adopt and say bye-bye to back pain.

-The first thing that you can start with is lying down on your stomach with your arms on your side and turn your head to oneside. Trust me, it is the most relaxing posture and will provide quite relief from back pain.

-Choose a chair that is comfortable and support your back. Correct posture is very important to avoid back pain. Don’t lean while you sit rather sit errect with your shoulders straight.

-Prop up exercise can help help a lot in lowering back pain. All you have to do is to lye down on your stomach and then slowly prop yourself up onto your elbows. Next, take few deep breaths and then relax. This exercise will ease the pressure on your back and provide relief.

-Avoid sitting for long periods in front of a computer. Take small walks in between to relief back pain.

-Lastly, when you are sitting, avoid sitting cross-legged and also try to position your knees at 90 degrees, directly over your ankles to keep your spine comfortably upright.

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