Ludo trailer: This is one dark, scary and intriguing thriller


After giving us the critically-acclaimed Bengali film Gandu in 2010, director Qaushiq Mukherjee aka Q, is ready with another shot at box office success, this time a thriller titled Ludo.

Co-directed by Nikon, the one-minute long trailer, released on Wednesday, has Q’s signature style written all over it: It is dark, scary, and very intriguing.

Ludo is about a regular-adventure-gone-awfully-wrong for two teenagers: Looking for some quiet corner to make love in a mall, the two are trapped inside when the mall shuts for the night. The drama in the film unfolds when things spiral out of control for the two and their very survival is at stake.

In his previous films like Gandu and Tasher Desh, Q used flashbacks and hard-edged dark photography to very good use and it was appreciated by his fans. He’s tried the same technique in Ludo too. Going by the trailer, this film promises to turn out to be one of the better imagined psychological thrillers.

Watch: Ludo Trailer

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