Man offers himself as meal to tigers by jumping into their cage

A man who was fed up with life, decided that his body would make a good meal for tigers at a local zoo.

Yang Jinhai, 27, of China, jumped into the cage full of tigers in front of horrified onlookers.

The man had announced that he wanted to improve the lives of the caged tigers by offering his own body for them to eat.

Zoo keepers managed to save the man after the tigers refused to eat him.

Jinhai had published several posts online about how boring his job was, saying that he felt there was more to life

After going to the local zoo, he wrote about how depressing it was to see the tigers live in such humble surroundings, where they were caged and unable to follow their natural instincts to hunt and kill.

Jinhai climbed atop the outside fence of the cage and jumped inside. Rather than attacking the man, the female tiger ran away.

The male tiger bit the man, but he was not seriously hurt. 

Zookeepers were able to remove the man. He was taken to a psychiatric hospital for an evaluation.

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