Man tries to rob bank with a meat cleaver

“Now, gimme all your money or I’ll take this meat cleaver and chop you to death!”

Three words: Bank. Robbery. Fail.

This viral video showcases a real ‘meat-head’ trying to rob a bank with a meat cleaver. Oh yes, a meat cleaver.

If you think that’s funny, then clearly you are on the same page as the bank teller who is laughing at the man from behind the glass.

Especially at about 14 seconds in, where the video gets a little “choppy” (pun intended). Focus on the woman’s face and the laughter that ensues. Though she is not speaking English, we can only assume she saying something along the lines of “check out this idiot.”

Let us evaluate this situation:

First of all, the woman he is trying to threaten with the meat cleaver is behind the glass. Seeing as it is a bank, it is more than likely re-enforced glass, to boot. So a meat cleaver probably won’t do the trick. Just a hunch.

Secondly, security is standing right there! Sorry sir, but did you think the guard was just going to turn a blind eye to the giant meat cleaver you’re waving around?

The best part is that this meat cleaver culprit is on the phone! Now, that is a whole new level of multitasking, right there!

Could you imagine? “Ya, hold on one sec, I am just in the middle of robbing this bank.”

I mean, if you’re going to attempt to rob a bank, you might want to at least hang up the phone first!

“Are you still there? I don’t think they’re taking my meat cleaver idea very seriously, I’ll have to call you back.”

During most bank robberies, everyone is cowering, on the floor, praying for their lives. What’s even more comical is that in this video, it seems that no one is even fazed by this man. Customers are still going about their daily business, even when this guy is taken down and arrested in the middle of the bank.

Even the woman standing right next to him in line clearly doesn’t seem to care that he is waving a meat cleaver at the teller. She finishes up her business with the teller as he is holding the cleaver up the glass and leaves, unaffected by the situation.

Makes you wonder, is this regular thing in China? The meat cleaver bandits have struck again … and yet again, they were laughed at.

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