Mars bound India- NASA mission to Mars set to fly off in May 2018

Mars bound India- NASA mission to Mars set to fly off in May 2018

Mars bound India- NASA mission to Mars set to fly off in May 2018

Approximately 1,38,000 people from India are all set to go on the Mars bound trip to explore the red planet. They have successfully booked their seats from the NASA’s InSight Mission, which is all set to launch on 5th May, 2018. The people who have booked seats will be provided an online boarding pass, according to NASA.

The names of the people for the NASA mission to Mars will be embedded on a silicon wafer microchip, which will take help of electron beam for forming the letters of the name of a person. The letters will be one-thousandth of the diameter of a human’s hair. These chips are going to be attached to the top hull of the lander.

When NASA called for names for the Mars Mission, there were lakhs of people who enrolled for the same. Out of which, several Indians responded as well. The total number of names received by NASA were 2,429,807, from all over the world.

Looking at the people country wise, The US stands at the first position. Followed by China, and at the third spot- India. US has 6.76,773 people ready to go to Mars, while China at the second position has 2,62,752 people.

Many experts all over the world say the India being at the third position is a matter of significance. Just followed by China. It could be linked to their enthusiasm about their ground-breaking ISRO Mangalyaan Mission, or even signify the diplomatic ties between India and The US. The United States being at the top spot was not surprising for the experts, since the mission was by NASA.

The Mars bound mission is estimated to land on the equator of Mars on November 26, 2018. The mission is going to be a 720 day mission for gathering information of the Martian interior. They are going to be monitoring the marsquakes for the same.

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