Marvel’s Inhumans trailer: Lockjaw, a giant bulldog, is star attraction of this TV series

The logo of Marvel’s Inhumans grabbed the attention of fans as it made for a refreshing deviation from the logo depicted in comics. Now, the trailer is out and it has only added to the excitement for the new television series.

The trailer follows a storyline similar to X-Men. There are humans and there are Inhumans, a breed of super-powered men and women who are forced to conceal their identity in order to stay away from human grasp. However, a few ambitious Inhumans, particularly Maximus, who want to extend their dominance beyond their ancestral home of Atillan to Earth.

This is when all hell breaks loose, which is marked by the introduction of a huge bulldog called Lockjaw, who has the ability to teleport. The rest of the story is likely to revolve around how humans devise ways to contain the Inhumans and how the latter fight tooth and nail to prove their superiority.

The show was initially supposed to be a film. Marvel’s Inhumans is centered on Black Bolt and other members of the Inhuman Royal Family, a reclusive race of genetically altered superhumans with extraordinary powers. Black Bolt is their leader and has highly enhanced speed and agility, as well as a quasi-sonic scream, which can create an uncontrollable disturbance. These characters were originally conceptualised by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

The TV show adaptation of the comic stars Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Serinda Swan as Medusa, Iwan Rheon as Maximus and Ken Leung as Karnak.

The first two episodes will be screened in IMAX cinemas on 1 September and all eight episodes will air on ABC in fall.

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