Meet Xherdan, the grumpy-looking cat who is the latest internet sensation


Xherdan is not your average cat. With more than 6,000 followers on Instagram, it’s not difficult to see why this five-year-old feline has amassed such a massive following.

“I eat a lot and everything. I love my family,” Xherdan, called the “naked cat”, says on his Instagram bio.

The Canadian Sphynx cat is covered with wrinkles all over his body and has a permanent frown on his face.

His features may give some a fright, but his owner Sandra Filippi says the cat “immediately stole her heart’ when she found him online.

“When I first saw him, he immediately stole my heart. His wrinkled pink skin, as fine as a peach, his turquoise eyes, as blue as the ocean. I was in love,” 45-year-old Filippi was quoted as saying by The Metro.

“He makes me and other people laugh all the time and that’s the most beautiful thing there is,” she said.

Filippi regularly shares his photos in different poses, often decked up in costumes and jewellery.

“Ahh the most beautiful wringles we have ever seen (sic),” one social media user commented.

“So adorable.. so cute,” another said.

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