Million Dollar Rooms


Monaco | $1 million buys 15ft² | Average price change 6%

In prime locations of cities around the world, $1 million doesn’t buy much. Prime residential house prices in top global cities broadly continued to rise in 2013, new data from real-estate broker Knight Frank show. The study showed “ultra-high-net-worth individuals” were getting richer, and like investing in houses. The trend shows little sign of slowing.

London | $1 million buys 25.2ft² | Average price change 7.5%

Shanghai | $1 million buys 46.2ft² | Average price change 7.3%

New York | $1 million buys 40.2ft² | Average price change 10.4%

Miami | $1 million buys 65.1ft² | Average price change 4.3%

Cape Town | $1 million buys 215.1ft² | Average price change 0.2%


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