“Miss You Balasaheb…” An Emotional Letter by Dr. Swapna Patker


That’s why I miss you Balasaheb
When I was a kid, I lived with a thought that Balasaheb is a name of a God . Brahma , Vishnu , Mahesh and Balasaheb was a quadrilateral and not the trinity of my life . I have felt safe because you existed . And I knew if anything went wrong, You will be the saviour . I knew Shivsena was your other name . In my own little baby world I used to think that a Shivsena shakha was a police station , and that I will be helped by your representatives come what may. Those humble , human , loving people you trained to be your shadow really made Mumbai a safer place to live in. You created dedicated soldiers. But today these representatives who claim to be your followers don’t listen to me when I scream for help. They don’t run to help me . They analyse if helping me is going to get them some gains or not. They calculate if they would get any benefits from my misery. I ask for a hand and they give me a bill of execution . I’m left alone to fight my problems. That’s why I miss you Balasaheb…

The police are public servants . But they respected you so much that a common man in Maharashtra never suffered at police stations. I am a witness to this magic of yours. You intervened and saw to it that poor and the truthful are not tortured at the hands of political agendas. Today the common man is at the mercy of changing governments . The police are forced to act like puppets of whoever takes charge of the state and there is no one point solution to the pain of people who are not related to celebrities or VIP’s . I get scared to go to a police station and make a complaint no matter how severe the issue is because I don’t know if it will be honoured, I don’t know if I will be treated well , I don’t know if I will be listened to. One call from you saved many innocent. Now there is no one to call for me and guarantee my innocence. That’s why i miss you Balasaheb…..

You had the power of making lives worth living . People who had no calibre also could stand around you and got a chance to shine. Basically anyone who touched your aura became a star. Today you are gone but these stars are not keeping up to the trust you bestowed upon them . They are misusing the power that you have given them . They think they can getaway with anything . They not just take advantage of the posts given to them in the name of Shivsena but also spoil the name of the kingdom you created by functioning like pimps for the builders and industrislists. Some are on commission with the money lords and receive handsome packets every month for not creating nuisance . Some act like goons and hit the common people because they think they are some kind of celebrities who can take law in their hands and fight anywhere , anytime without considering the sitituation , their post and the prestige of Shivsena. Well I think these people have forgotten that Shivsena was founded to fight against injustice done to common people . Now your soldiers are doing injustice themselves and you are not there to stop them. I am worried some shiv Sainik might hit me with a Chappal someday for any reason that he feels valid and I will not be able to do anything . I fear a day when I will see people using your brand to destroy justice, people and humanity. That’s why I miss you Balasaheb….


Dr. Swapna Patker

Social media is a platform to promote businesses , products and brands. It didn’t exist when you were young or active. Now this platform is a life line for marketing anything and everything. There are many so called self proclaimed shiv sena members who will physically never come forward to do any thing for the society , Sena or Maharashtra, but their mouths open too much on the social media. Probably because it’s free and does not coat their wallets . They only want free publicity by using the name of your brand Shiv Sena. If every post or comment is charged some amount , 90 % of these brainless characters will vanish. If there was healthy promotion or display of good work and work agendas it would have been ok . But there are men and women using abusive language giving bad words to people who do not approve of their views. They do character assassination , talk on upbringing and attack the dignity of women without considering the fact that they are on social platform and many people are watching . You have always protected women no matter what. But when I see these people talking nonsense and that too using your name and brand to settle their scores, I feel very hurt . That’s why I miss you Balasaheb………

When someone says that now after Balasaheb is gone , I am losing faith in Shiv Sena , I feel claustrophobic, bruised . I don’t like the fact that a seed sown by you , that has become a big tree now , is brutally being axed to cut by those who don’t have the vision or mission like you. They carry saffron flags, they hold posts, they possess power ,but they can’t do justice like you . I have loved you all my life and have respected Shiv Sena. But Common people have started saying negative things about our Sena because suddenly they are not feeling protected, they are not seeing emotions in the actions and ata as taken by Shiv Sena. I want My Sena back . I want my Balasaheb back . I want all to unanimously trust that they are safe when Shiv Sena exists. Well with Aditya Thackeray’s initiatives ,developmental work , a mature dignified image and his new young, dynamic team it is quite possible . Please bless him to get the goons out and faith come in . We are all with him to get the good old days back . I’m sure soon Aditya will change the face of Shiv Sena and make it a bigger entity than what you left it to . I’m waiting too much for that day to come. That’s why I miss you Balasaheb……



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