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Monal of Sushness : Day 10,Short Stories by Sushmita Gupta


#MonalofSushness : Day 10. Monal at age thirty seven fell head over heels in love with her husband’s friend. The families had already known each other for more than five years.

Perhaps there is a cupid who choses to act up when he choses to act up. Monal’s feelings were stoked by his acute interest in her. It became evident to them both and none else, or so they thought, that this was big. But big is hard to hide.

There was suspicion in some concerned people but evidence none. Kanak was quiet, extremely intelligent and was gifted with succinct humour. He was poetic but not wimpy. He had deep interest in knowing the unknown. The mind. These were common hooks for them to get entangled.

He taught her also to lock lips for the first time in her life for Monal’s husband never did.
With time and events both Monal and Kanak evolved and slowly it came to pass that they never met but stayed in touch with occasional phone calls from him.

Their respect for each other never diminished. For Kanak she was the love of his life. Monal just moved on.


Short Story By: Sushmita Gupta

Artwork by Ashwin Pandya


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