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Monal of Sushness : Day 12,Short Stories by Sushmita Gupta


#MonalofSushness : Day 12. Monal of four loved to hear stories. Her Babi, father, told her stories of valour and loyalty and honesty from World History and Roman, Greek and Indian Mythology, Her Mamma recounted stories from her own childhood.

Some of these real life stories amused Monal to bits and she wanted to hear them again and again. There was one that she did not even wish to think about. But much to her heartache it haunted her again and again.
Monal’s Mamma at age thirteen was awakened in the middle of the night by sounds of weeping and activity. Soon she realised that her father was no more. Already by then Monal’s mother was motherless too. That happened when she was all of six, her two younger brothers were four and two.

At the start of teens Monal’s mother realised that night that she and her two younger brothers were orphans.

Every night little Monal prayed for her Mamma and Babi’s long life henceforth.


Article by Sushmita Gupta

Art by Ashwin Pandya

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