Monal of Sushness : Day 17,Short Stories by Sushmita Gupta


Art By : Ashwin Pandya


#MonalofSushness : Day 17. By the time Monal turned thirty three she was herself a Mamma to two babies. She was already married for close to a decade.

Monal now lived in a city of extreme hot weather. Lucky for that, because one night when her heart already broken into pieces further broke from being alone, she stood in the small balcony of the living room and cried but not a soul heard due to the whirring of the air conditioners.

That night she needed to yell her pain out of her body. She did that too. And still no one heard. This balcony was far from the bedrooms of her home and the bedrooms of the people out side, close to the balcony slept peacefully in the cosy of the cool of their homes at 2 am.

Luckily for Monal, no one came to know. Though she was no longer a shy girl like in her childhood she still did not wish to let anyone really know anything. Just her nature. However, next morning while she sang to her kids, read stories to them and played hide and seek, there came a surprise call from her Mamma across the seas asking her if she was alright. Monal’s Mamma said that she just wished to hear her baby’s voice.


Article by Sushmita Gupta



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