Clamorworld Exclusive: Monkey Stolen Brutally at Varandha Ghat,Maharashtra

Varandha Ghat is a  mountain passage located between NH4 and Konkan in Maharashtra.

It’s a white Hundai i20 which seems to have a number plate  number of 1777. It could be probably MH10/20 or MH 40 . A group of guys seem to be professional monkey catchers catch the monkey and put it at the back side of car and get away.

It’s a brutal act and we should bring it to notice of concerned authorities.

We can try tracing the vehicle from the website:


We have left a  message to Maharashtra forest department facebook page(doesn’t seem to be updated since 2011) :

Also a tweet is being sent to @pfaindia and madam @ManekaGandhi1 .

Hope these culprits are caught and put behind bar.

This video was posted by facebook user Nitin Krloskar on this time line.


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