Mumbai couples provide free food to needy in memory of their son

Mumbai couples provide free food

Mumbai couples provide free food to needy in memory of their son

n our country, it is impossible for many to get one square meal a day. there are thousands of people living below the poverty line for whom getting any food is a task. For them, if they manage to scavenge food from somewhere even once, that is perhaps the happiest day of their lives. There are many dying of hunger and thirst in the country. While there are many charitable organisations who take up the cause and provide these people with food, it is not possible for everyone to get food daily. There are many who are missed and many who simply do not get food due to their large numbers. But then, there are also individuals who are trying to help and provide food to as many as possible. One such couple is Damyanti Tanna and Pradeep Tanna.

Mr Pradeep Tanna and his wife Mrs Damyanti Tanna lost their only child to a freak accident in 2011. To add to this tragic loss, Mr Tanna lost his business after being cheated by his partners.

Kintan Parekh, a friend of Nimesh was also deeply moved by this tragedy and helped them through their grief when all the inconsolable parents could do was stare at their son’s photograph. Kintan quit his own family business and started a new sweet shop in Mulund along with Pradeep.

The couple was finally managing to reclaim their lives when they decided they wanted to honour their son’s memory. Their 22 year old son was an aspiring photographer, charitable and loved helping those in need through volunteer work and donating money.

Shri Nimesh Tanna Charitable Trust was found and started on 26th January 2013, in memory of Late Mr. Nimesh Pradeep Tanna by his parents, Mr. Pradeep Tanna and Mrs. Damyanti Tanna.

Their goal was to provide free tiffin service round the year the under privileged elderly people who cannot even afford to eat.

They started by making food in their small kitchen for about 30 people and now provide lunch to about 100 underprivileged families in Mulund.

They haven’t stopped there, they have even started a Kids’s Bank to provide underprivileged children with toys and cycles. They even make sure elderly people get medication and treatment to the best of their ability. In August this year the Trust has also started a new project of distributing ration to 50 Adivasi families on the 1st Sunday of every month.

You can donate to this worthy cause here :http://sntctrust.com/contact-us

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