NationalTechnologyDay: Here’s how technology adversely affect our lives!



In the current scenario, everything is just one click away. While these clicks have made things easier, but somewhere in between, we have become slaves of technology.

People prefer looking at their smartphones to check the time, track (or even stalk) people on Facebook and Whatsapp, become paranoid if they don’t respond. For that matter, even stopped listening to radio or cassette players or spending time with loved ones.

A simple outing with family and friends has turned into a status symbol coz the world needs to know where you are dining! Your feelings, emotions and everything else that matters is out in the open, part of this “self-created” virtual fiasco!

Somewhere all of us are lost, trying to fit in this virtual set-up or staying ahead of technology! A recent album titled “Death Of Conversation” by Art People Gallery that went viral depicts what technology has done to us!

Few years ago when there was no trend of smart phones in India, life was much peaceful. We remembered phone numbers (at least the important ones), dined out peacefully with people who mattered than making things public in the social world!

In a way, our lives our trapped! Ask your friend to imagine his/her life minus a smartphone, laptop, I-pad etc? The reaction would be priceless we bet!

According to reports, the number of road accidents in India has increased due to constant use of mobile phones and other gadgets while driving.

Today being NationalTechnologyDay, here is a list of 5 things that show how technology has affected our lives adversely…

Technology addict

Surrounded by gadgets, exciting apps, latest laptops, who needs people really?

Excessive usage of technology can become an addiction when it starts hindering your normal life, when you’d normally spend time on socializing, visiting friends or family, relaxing, or anything that you love to do and that doesn’t involve technology.

Our life these days are tangled up in phone, laptop, hi-tech music player and other gadgets. Believe it or not it affects your daily schedule very badly.


It can also leads to isolation. We isolate ourselves by wrapping ourselves in our own little virtual world of gadgets.

Our time passes either by listening music or staring at the mobile screen even when we are surrounded by people who we call our close buddies. Studies have shown that people who are socially isolated have a shorter life span.


A stressful life adversely affects our health. Constantly being ‘plugged in’ and ‘connected’ causes an extra layer of stress that didn’t exist before we all surrendered to this thing called technology. In fact, keeping your phone under your pillow while sleeping is also dangerous.

Neck and Headache

Constantly looking down at devices can break your neck. And with time, it is sure to cause the neck to lose its natural curve. Eyestrain can also cause headaches, blurred vision and migraines.

Loss of Hearing and Eyesight Weakness

Regular use of headphones and ear buds can lead to hearing disorders. Similarly, constant staring on mobile screen and laptops can weaken your eyesight.

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