NEET 2017 – 5 Preparation Tips to Ace the Medical Entrance Test


National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is one of the most eminent entrance examinations in India, for admissions into various medical courses. How to prepare and what to study for the NEET is a common query. How to ace NEET 2017? What is the best strategy to clear the NEET 2017? In this article, we will discuss various preparation tips which will help you excel in this examination.

Gather Relevant Information
Primarily, know your syllabus before you begin your preparation. Also, don’t forget to collect relevant information like exam pattern, schedule, etc. before you begin. Though NEET syllabus matches with CBSE syllabus, few topics are skipped for the entrance exam. Knowledge of complete syllabus is important to save your time and effort and help you prepare accordingly. Get updates on syllabus and exam related topics from the official websites.

Requisite Study Material
A good study material can take you a long way. NCERT textbooks are fundamental study material for the NEET. Understanding the basics is crucial to clear any exam, so brace yourself well with all the topics enlisted in the syllabus. Procure good available study materials, samples papers, and previous year question papers and practice them. Practicing problems is the best way to master any concept.

30 Days Mission
Set 30 days missions for every month to cover a particular portion of the syllabus. Once you know your syllabus, you can schedule them accordingly based upon their weightage in the question paper. Learn to prioritize the topics. Prepare a timetable including regular intervals and stick to it. Make notes and codes the way you can understand, revise them at regular interval and plan ahead.

 Turn your Weakness into Your Strengths
Your schedule must dedicate some extra time to focus and practice on the topics you consider yourself to be weak at. Practice more on difficult topics and revise them regularly.

 Practice the Art of Timing
“Practice makes a man perfect”. Time management is as vital as preparation. You have 180 minutes to solve 180 questions. Practice the online mock test, sample question papers to acquire the time management skill. Also, learn to skip the time-consuming questions. The more you practice, the more you will improve in terms of swiftness and accuracy. Your time management during the examination should be swift and as accurate as possible so that you don’t miss a question due to insufficient time.

For more details on NEET 2017 and to practice sample papers, download Byju’s-The Learning App. To clear any doubt related to any topic included in NEET syllabus you can speak to our mentors at Byju’s.


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