New York attacked again

New York attacked again

New York attacked again

In yet another attack in the heart of United States, the New York City, about 8 people have been reportedly killed, while 11 were left injured. The attack took place near the World Trade Center memorial. The attack is said to be because of a man renting a pickup truck, which he mowed down the pedestrians as well as cyclists on the busy path.

The driver of the pickup truck was shot by the Police in his abdomen, when he tried to flee from his truck while shouting “God is Great” in Arabic. The attacker, 29, Sayfullo Saipov is said to be from Uzbekistan and has been living in the US legally, since 2010. The truck was rented by Saipov around 2PM in New Jersey, which later entered a couple of blocks away from the scariest terror site in the history of the US.

Saipov, according to the registry has been living in Tampa since 2011, and has had various traffic violations listed against him. According to some sources, Saipov even left a note in his pickup truck, which claims that his attack was being committed for the Islamic State.

Saipov has been working as an Uber driver as well, who happens to love the US, according to some of his friends. While a family from Cincinnati spoke about how he lived with them in 2010 before he moved out to Florida. He possesses a commercial license in two states of the United States, which ensured that he could drive large trucks as well. Out of which, his Florida based license is a Class A commercial license.

To the attack, The US president Donald Trump said that he ordered the Department of Homeland Security to “step up” an extreme vetting program. The attack which has led to the death of eight people has left him anguished, because of which such steps have been taken.

By  Saumya Khanduja

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