Nine out of nine correct! Viral message on WhatsApp claims ICC 2015 World Cup is fixed


New Delhi: When the world’s best teams congregate, there ought to be some predictions – who wins and how? Such predictions at times tend to sensationalise the very competition, often giving birth to wild assumptions like claiming the matches have been fixed.


The ongoing 2015 Cricket World Cup is no different. A viral message on WhatsApp is doing the rounds, predicting the outcome of matches and claiming the entire tournament is fixed. And helping this seemingly innocuous claim is the results themselves, and also cricket’s past with betting and corruption.


So far, nine matches have been played out in front of record crowd, and all results of these encounters have went the way as they have been predicted in this circular. West Indies’ lost to Ireland, India’s sixth World Cup win over Pakistan, and New Zealand’s win over England a while ago were all predicted.


According to this script, cricket’s perennial chokers South Africa will win their maiden world title, defeating Australia in the final. And the teams to qualify for the knock-out stages besides the ‘predicted’ finalists are defending champions India, Asian heavyweights Sri Lanka and Pakistan, England, New Zealand and Zimbabwe.


For India, after beating Kiwis in the first quarter-final, will lose the semis to Australia.


At the end, it may well prove to be a perfect example of crystal gazing but this claims have made cricketing world jittery for sure.


Following is the list of the match-by-match prediction:


February 14: New Zealand vs Sri Lanka, winner New Zealand

February 14: Australia vs England, winner Australia

February 15: South Africa vs Zimbabwe, winner South Africa

February 15: India vs Pakistan, winner India

February 16: Ireland vs West Indies , winner Ireland

February 17: New Zealand vs Scotland, winner New Zealand

February 18: Afghanistan vs Bangladesh , winner Bangladesh

February 19: United Arab Emirates vs Zimbabwe, winner Zimbabwe

February 20: New Zealand vs England, winner New Zealand

February 21: Pakistan vs West Indies, winner Pakistan

February 21: Australia vs Bangladesh, winner Australia

February 22: Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka, winner Sri Lanka

February 22: India vs South Africa, winner South Africa

February 23: England vs Scotland, winner England

February 24: West Indies vs Zimbabwe, winner West Indies

February 25: Ireland vs United Arab Emirates, winner Ireland

February 26: Afghanistan vs Scotland, winner Afghanistan

February 26: Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka, winner Sri Lanka

February 27: South Africa vs West Indies, winner South Africa

February 28: New Zealand vs Australia, winner New Zealand

February 28: India vs United Arab Emirates, winner India

March 1: England vs Sri Lanka, winner England

March 1: Pakistan vs Zimbabwe, winner Pakistan

March 3: Ireland vs South Africa, winner South Africa

March 4: Pakistan vs United Arab Emirates, winner United Arab Emirates

March 4: Australia vs Afghanistan, winner Australia

March 5: Bangladesh vs Scotland, winner Bangladesh

March 6: India vs West Indies, winner India

March 7: Pakistan vs South Africa, winner South Africa

March 7: Ireland vs Zimbabwe, winner Zimbabwe

March 8: New Zealand vs Afghanistan, winner New Zealand

March 8: Australia vs Sri Lanka, winner Australia

March 9: England vs Bangladesh, winner England

March 10 India v Ireland India

March 11 Scotland v Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

March 12 South Africa v United Arab Emirates South Africa

March 13 New Zealand v Bangladesh New Zealand

March 13 Afghanistan v England England

March 14 India v Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

March 14 Australia v Scotland Australia

March 15 United Arab Emirates v West Indies West Indies

March 15 Ireland v Pakistan Pakistan

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