North Korea now a nuclear state Launches the longest range missile

North Korea now a nuclear state. Launches the longest range missile

North Korea now a nuclear state. Launches the longest range missile

In the latest news from the land of North Korea, the Kim Jong-Un led government seems to have declared themselves dominating the world of ballistic missiles. They launched a new kind of intercontinental ballistic missile which has the capacity of striking anywhere in the US mainland. The isolated nation seems to have reached their goal of becoming a nuclear state.

The Hwasong-15, the ICBM is said to be the longest range missile tested by the North. The missile flew approximately 600 miles in a high trajectory. In a flat trajectory, it is believed that the missile will range for about 8,100 miles. This way the missile has full capability to reach Washington DC.

Kim Jong Un watched the launch and declared that his country has just witnessed a historic event which makes them a state of nuclear force. In fact, he personally went forward to sign the launch orders.

The missile was launched near the capital of Pyongyang, at Sain, which splashed into the Sea of Japan. The missile thus landed into the Economic Exclusion Zone of Japan.

After the news of the launch broke out, Donald Trump the US President said that “the United States is going to take care of it. This is a situations we will handle.”

Moreover, after the launch there were communications between the US and Japan, where the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump talked about their commitment to combat the rising threat of North Korea.

According to the officials of the US, North Korea seem to be unwilling to be open to talks. Moreover, the North American Aerospace Defense Command determined that this launch was not a threat to the US.

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