North Korea US war a threat If Chinese diplomacy fails

North Korea- US war a threat, If Chinese diplomacy fails

North Korea US war a threat If Chinese diplomacy fails

North Korea, led by Kim Jong-Un, has accelerated the likelihoods of the breakout of a war. In the latest news, the North Korean officials have asked the United States to take all the threat literally. The chances of a war can go up and up between the two nations.

Amid all the fears of the breakout of the third world war, United States Navy has also warned about the consequences of the entrance of US into a war with North Korea. The war, according to some, is going to arrive sooner, rather than later.

And therefore, the intervention of China is much needed now, in order to save the world from ruining itself. The diplomatic channels might be closing down, which can cause devastation across the world. The need of diplomacy is a priority.  

The actions taken by the US military, as well as the Navy, can have devastating reactions by the North Korean officials, especially Kim Jong-Un. Therefore, it is not just the US, who needs to call for a diplomatic intervention, but also it becomes the duty of North Korea to go forward for solutions.

Retired US Army chiefs have been criticising Donald Trump’s rhetoric, by saying that such rhetorics could lead to clashes between the two nations. However, more than ever, officials in the US have been worried about North Korea now.

The threats from North Korea have been ramping up, and there can bee seen an increase in the testing of Nuclear Weapons.

A recent attack took place at the Punggye-ri test site, on September 3rd. The test was powerful and even caused a 5.7 magnitude earthquake. China and the US, on the other hand, registered the same earthquake at a 6.8 magnitude. The North Korean government has been threatening the US to take these test seriously and literally.

The US President, Donald Trump is going to visit Asia, for a campaign to pressurize the North Korean government to give up on the Nuclear weaponry. There have been limits on various hermit states to import from North Korea- be it crude oil, lead, iron, coal, etc. While Donald Trump wants China to intervene even more, and put more pressure on North Korea.

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