Pakistan justifies releasing Hafiz Saeed. World condemns

Pakistan justifies releasing Hafiz Saeed

Pakistan justifies releasing Hafiz Saeed. World condemns

The recent release of the most wanted global terrorist Hafiz Saeed in Pakistan has been condemned all over the world. However, the concern of the world does not worry Pakistan as it has yet again justified the release of Hafiz Saeed. Pakistan claims that Islamabad is committed to the implementation of UNSC sanction regime on terrorists.
Hafiz Saeed is the mastermind behind the Mumbai terror attacks and has founded the JuD (Jamaat-ud-Dawah) and the LeT. he currently has a bounty of $10 million on his head. He was recently freed by Pakistan on Friday, even though he is a designated terrorist of the UN and the US.

The Ministry of External Affairs of India said that Hafiz Saeed’s release has shown the ‘seriousness’ of the Pakistan Government for bringing justice to the perpetrators of terrorism.
The MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said that it appears to be an attempt on part of the Government of Pakistan to mainstream the proscribed terrorist. The Pakistan officials have not yet formulated to change the policy to shield and support the non-state actors, and their true face is now visible to the world.
In reply to the comment made by the MEA, Foreign Office of Pakistan spokesperson Mohammad Faisal said that their country was committed to the implementation of UNSC 1267 sanctions regime and are taking necessary steps in this regard.

He further added that the MEA spokesperson took exception to self-serving insinuations. Mr. Faisal said that the hon’ble court of Pakistan were determined to uphold their rule of law and the due process for all the citizens of the country. This is their constitutional duty, which also applies to Hafiz Saeed.
The interest of the State will be taken into consideration when it comes to speaking and acting in a manner that is consistent when it comes to adhering to rule of law at both national and international levels.
He further added that the actions taken by Pakistan to resolve and fight the issues of terrorism are unmatched in the entire world. He said that Pakistan condemns and opposes all kinds of terrorist activities, by both- individuals and groups.

Hafiz Saeed currently aged over 60, has been under house arrest for 297 days since January. His release came right ahead of the 9th anniversary of the Mumbai Terror attacks of 26/11 in which 166 people were killed of which six were Americans. Saeed was designated under the Security Council Resolution 1267 in late 2008.

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