These Pakistani Sisters Singing Justin Bieber’s Baby Are a Smash Internet Hit


Beliebers’ are everywhere.
Two teenaged sisters from Pakistan have become an internet sensation after their rendition of Justin Bieber’s song ‘Baby’.

A video posted on Facebook shows 15-year-old Saania and 13-year-old Muqqadas Tabaydar singing the pop song while their mother, Shahnaz, taps out the beat on a makeshift drum – a pot.

The Facebook post has received nearly 2 million views, since it was posted in February.

Social media is loving the ‘Biebis.’ Some said the teenagers are Justin Bieber’s ‘new competition’ and many proudly announced that ‘Pakistan’s got talent.’

So, how did these two girls, who don’t speak English at all, learn this song? According to a BBC report , they listened to the song about 70 times before transcribing it into Urdu and memorising it.

“We love Justin Bieber songs because they touch our hearts,” one of the girls told BBC. Yes, that’s how much they love Bieber. But it’s not just the teenagers. Their mother. Shahnaz Tabaydar, is also a committed Belieber and feels Justin Bieber is ‘like her son.’

According to news reports, Saania and Muqqadas come from a very poor family in Lahore and have not studied beyond primary school. Getting to perform on TV after their video became viral is like a dream come true for them.

So, what’s their wish now? To meet Justin Bieber and to sing with him. A quick search tells you that the Tabaydar sisters are not Pakistan’s only Beliebers.

In fact, Pakistan loves the pop star so much that there are several pages on Facebook requesting Justin Bieber to perform in the country.

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