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Pandemonium In Parliament: Death Of Democracy!


It was pandemonium in the Lok Sabha and as the Monsoon Session approaches its closure. Chaos was the order of the day and indiscipline resigned supreme. Suddenly the country’s highest altar of democracy looked nothing more than playgroup classroom filled with unruly toddlers running all over, throwing things each other and decibel levels that could potentially render others deaf. Even as I pen these words, my head hangs in shame. Is this what our country has been reduced to as we approach our 69th Independence Day?

Close to 500 members of Parliament all elected by the people of India to decide a better future for them are simply unable to sit in one room and debate/discuss issues coolly! What is our hope going forward then? Surprisingly this isn’t a unique situation. This chaos, disorder and pandemonium seems to have become the right for every party that sits on the opposition table. What is even more surprising is just exactly what are these trouble creators and political parties trying to achieve through this widely broadcasted drama?

Reforms and Policymaking have come to a standstill, furthering of existing programmes have been halted for lack of discussion, raging issues have been put into back-burners for lack of will and public good and concept of welfare is slowly evaporating into thin air. Yet the only question that keeps bothering me, what exactly would this Pandemonium help achieving. Lack of growth and progress in the country is bad for both the parties in power as well as opposition and the nation as a whole. Then what exactly is the benefit of this masquerade!

Suddenly I cannot help but think of a what’sapp image that has been doing rounds which brings out the contrast between an Indian Member of Parliament who is dozing off and another EU Parliamentarian and a new mother with a small baby in her lap attending the call of duty! A proper functioning Parliament is almost like the report card and assessment of the health of a democracy and the drama that we witness every quarter is ‘Murder Of Democracy’ as Sumitra Mahajan, the speaker of Lok Sabha termed it.

As a proud citizen of this country, I earnestly request the elected leaders of my country to bury the hatchet and join hands in the task of nation building that they set forth to!

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