Papaya is “known to have antibacterial properties and promotes good digestion and almost every part of the plant can be used.” Yes, every part! While the fruit is said to be rich in contents of vitamin E, C and beta-carotine making it loaded with antioxidant properties, the seeds are rich in fatty acids and papaya oil, have a sharp peppery flavour, and can be used in place of your spices.

How To Make Papaya Leaf Juice?
Since the papaya leaf juice is quite bitter in taste, it can be combined with other fruit juices. You can prepare papaya leaf juice at home by following the given steps.

Take several medium sized papaya leaves which are washed and partly dried. Cut them and place them in a sauce pan with around 2 liters of water.
Boil the water and leaves, and simmer without a lid until the water is reduced to half.
Now strain the liquid and store it in glass containers. It can be refrigerated and stored for 3 to 4 days. But fresh juice is always preferable.
The juice should be discarded if it becomes cloudy.

Health Benefits:

Treats Dengue fever

A common remedy that is advised by all to dengue patients is papaya leaf juice. Dengue is caused by infected Aedes mosquitoes, who transmit the disease into our blood. Dengue fever severely brings down the blood platelet count, and the extracts from papaya leaf are known to help increase the count.

Anti-Malarial Properties

Papaya leaves have strong anti-malarial properties. A compound found in papaya leaf is acetogenin, which can help prevent dangerous disease like malaria and dengue.

Good for Liver

Just as papaya, papaya leaf juice also acts as a potent cleansing agent for the liver, thereby healing many chronic liver diseases, jaundice and liver cirrhosis.

Curing Emphysema
Emphysema is one of the deadly disease that comprises Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This disease is widely associated with gradual damage of lung tissue, including the destruction of the alveoli. To prevent you from this emphysema disease, you need a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. Papaya leaves contain pretty high amounts of Vitamin D which will protect your body from disease associated with emphysema lung.

Curing Eczema
Papaya leaves could also be a good solution to treat against eczema disease. Eczema is one of the kind inflammation on the skin, which characterized by itchy, vesicular, weeping, and crusting patches. Papaya leaves turn out have a great ability as an anti-inflammatory, since it can cure your eczema. You could apply the papaya leaves to the area of your body that affected by the eczema after scrubbing.

Increase Platelets
Whenever you suffer from vitamins deficiency, dengue, or chemotherapy side effects, the amount of platelets in the body will be low. If these happen, you need to consume papaya leaves as soon as possible because these leaves can be beneficial to increase the amount of platelets in your body. A lot of research that conducted in around the world evidence that consuming papaya leaves could improve the amount of platelets in your body rapidly.

NOTE: Papaya may cause severe allergic reactions in sensitive people. Papaya latex can be a severe irritant and vesicant on skin. Papaya juice and papaya seeds are unlikely to cause adverse effects when taken orally; however, papaya leaves at high doses may cause stomach irritation.

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