The most recent conflict between India and Pakistan is said to be spiraling out of control with acts of violence on both sides of the disputed border said to be escalating to incredibly dangerous levels.

It has been reported that soldiers from the Indian Army have launched a full-scale assault on several Pakistani posts across the Line of Control. The areas which are said to have been targeted are Poonch, Rajouri, Kel and Machil.


This new action marks a change in direction for the Indian Army in the course of this latest conflict. Previously, they had confined their operations to small ‘surgical attacks’ in a bid to minimize casualties. However, it has been claimed that the Indian authorities were provoked into much larger and violent action after the killings of three Indian soldiers close to the Pakistani-Indian border.

People in Pakistan are reporting that the Indian Army subjected them to heavy artillery fire during the operation. As of yet, reports are patchy when it comes to confirming whether or not there were any casualties on the Pakistani side in this most recent incident. It has been confirmed that there were no casualties among the Indian soldiers.

This fresh conflict between Pakistan and their neighbors in India has marred years of improving relations between the two rival states. It appears as though a great deal of the progress the people of these two nations had made over the past couple of years has been destroyed by the Uri terrorist attacks and the subsequent Indian surgical strike inside Pakistani territory.

Unfortunately, it appears as though this conflict has the potential to become much worse. There have been fresh reports of Pakistani forces violating the ceasefire terms across several areas in the disputed territory of Kashmir.

The areas which are said to have been affected are Bhimber Gali, Krishna Ghati, and Nowshera sectors. The increasing violence from the better equipped and much larger Indian Army has also led Pakistan to rely more heavily on the Pakistani Border Action Team, which is comprised of ordinary citizens.

The loose vetting procedure for this body has meant that some terrorists have joined the force and have been responsible for atrocities such as the beheading of an Indian rifleman named Prabhu Singh. Indian authorities have said that the presence of this group can only serve to make matters worse.

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