How The Nine Planets In Astrology Are Known To Influence Your Life


In Hinduism, there are 9 planets that are worshipped. The positioning and movement of the planets during the time of birth of the person is said to decide our past, present as well as future.

The 9 planets which are also known as the Navagrahas play the most vital role in our lives? Find out their influence in your life.

These planets are said to remove their malefic effects and bring in happiness. We reveal to you the minute details of how each of the planets affect our lives. Check it out…

Sun – Surya: The sun God is also known as Ravi/Surya. This planet stands in the center and the other planets move around him. The Sun is known to instill will power, energy and good fortune in us. It is believed that the sun is solely responsible for determining the personality, looks, wisdom and achievements of an individual. The sun rules on the zodiac sign Leo.

Moon – Chandra: The moon is also known as Chandra/Soma. It is believed that the moon decides on the most major events of our lives. It decides the fertility, growth, relationships and even the overall emotional attitude. The good effect of moon is that it helps a person to ensure a harmonious life.

Mars – Mangala: This God is also known as the Angaraka/Mangala. It is believed that this God is quite ferocious as well. It represents independence, individualism, and idealism. This planet is said to rule the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. As Mars is an aggressive planet, it also makes the zodiac signs aggressive.

Mercury – Budha: One can generally see Budha in Varuda Mudra, as he has 4 hands. This planet plays a great role in sharpening the minds, and creates multi-functional talents and versatility. Individuals who are ruled by mercury will have good analytical and logical thinking.

Jupiter – Brihaspathi: This God is also known as Brahmanaspati/Brihaspathi. This planet is famous, as it is known to be the teacher of Gods and is also praised in many hymns of Rigveda. This planet decides the luck factor in our lives. It is also believed to be responsible for the intellect, good fortune, success, etc., in our lives.

Venus – Sukra: This goddess is the teacher of demons and is known as the creator of Sukraniti. This planet represents the most delicate and emotional sectors of our life like the love, romance, luxury, food, wealth and much more. Individuals who are ruled by this planet are always gentle and soft.

Saturn – Shani: This is the most troublesome and feared God of all. Saturn is considered to be the negative astrological planets, according to astrology. It is said to be slow, lethargic, lazy and careless. People believe that its rule is the worst period in one’s life. According to astrologers, the proper positioning of Saturn can bring unimaginable wisdom, authority, success and happiness in individual’s life. Every person is believed to go through a rough phase, where he/she will undergo 7 and half years of bad phase when this planet enters their zodiac sign.

The North Node: Rahu This God has similar traits like Mercury mostly, but still it differs in its characteristics. This planet is believed to be quite influential and powerful. The positioning of this planet determines the growth or downfall of a person. It is also called a dragon’s head.

The South Node:Ketu Ketu means a comet. According to the Hindu mythology, Ketu is described as having a tail of a serpent and an ovular body. It is the planet of power. The positioning of this determines the growth or downfall of a person.

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