PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech: Key Highlights


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today touched on many issues in his fifth Independence Day speech. In an hour-long speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted his government’s achievements in the past four years. Prime Minister Modi said that the country has made rapid changes in the past few years compared to 2013 when the Congress-led UPA government was in power. The Prime Minister said that the country was on a new path of progress.

Here are the key highlights of Prime Minister Modi’s I-day speech

Prime Minister Modi today said that India will be the engine of growth for the world economy for the next three decades as the “sleeping elephant” has started to run on the back of structural reforms like GST.

The Prime Minister also said that till 2014, India was among fragile five economies but today the world is seeing it as a destination of multi-billion dollar investment. The narrative has changed. He further said that before 2014, global institutions used to say the Indian economy was risky but today the same institutions and people believe that reform momentum would give strength to fundamentals.

The Prime Minister said that If the work continued at the pace that was prevalent in 2013, it would have taken one or two more decades to electrify all villages, 100 years to provide LPG gas connections to all and generations to take optic fibre to villages.

Prime Minister Modi said the government fulfilled the promise to provide 50 per cent more than the cost of production for kharif crops to farmers and is on the way to achieve the target of doubling farm income by 2022.

He said that the practice of Triple Talaq has caused great injustice among Muslim women. The government was trying to end this practice but there are some people who are not wanting it to end. He ensured the Muslim women that the government would work to ensure justice is done to them.

The Prime Minister furhther said that Tripura, Meghalaya and many parts of Arunachal Pradesh were seeing historic peace. “From 126, Left Wing Extremism is restricted to 90 districts. We are working to ensure peace across the nation,” he said.

In today’s India there is no place for nepotism. We have ensured environmental clearances are done transparently: PM Modi
We will not forgive the corrupt and those who have black money. They have ruined the nation. Delhi’s streets are free from power brokers. From the voice of power brokers, the voice of the poor is heard: PM Modi.

The honest taxpayer of India has a major role in the progress of the nation. It is due to them that so many people are fed, the lives of the poor are transformed: PM Modi

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