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Preparing For GST: What Consumers Must Keep In Mind


The GST is set to roll out from midnight June 30. A lot of column space has been devoted to its purported benefits for customers and the possible impact on industries and different businesses. Essentially as we understand it, GST is an indirect tax reform that will usher in a uniform tax paying regime. It will be a single tax that everyone from a manufacturer to a consumer will pay.

But that said, do you have to brace up for additional tax payment? This is exactly why it is very important to understand the various tax implication that GST would mean for different kinds of consumers:

1. Pay Attention To MRP: The most important element that consumers must remember that they only need to pay whatever is stated as MRP. All the associated duties levied on a product has been subsumed, whether it is central excise duty, additional excise duty, service tax, additional customs duty and even Countervailing duty. This also includes another state level taxes, octroi duty and many other taxes levied on the product.

2. State Specific Rates Not Applicable: Once GST is applied the same product will cost the same wherever you buy it from. There will be no differentiation on a state-wise level.

3. Prices Will Differ On Product Basis: While there will be some products that might cost more, it does not mean that everything will be expensive. Be aware of shopkeepers or vendors charging you additional in the name of GST. Understand what you are paying for.

4. GST Revised For 66 Products: The benefits that businesses or manufacturers gain from GST implication are supposed to pass it on to consumers. You should make careful note of the products and prices are reduced and keep a tab of what you are being made to pay.

5. Register Complaint: If a specific store or shopkeeper is not offering you the benefits of a lower rate post GST, you can also lodge a complaint with the anti-profiteering cell of the government.

In all GST will include 7 cesses and you should be aware of the rates hikes and cuts so that you are not cheated. It is time to take an informed stance.

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