Problems faced by MBA students

Abhishek Sharma

Abhishek Sharma

Rahul had recently joined MBA program and he was back to hometown for a few days. He happened to bump into Mr. Sharma and he asked, “beta suna hai MBA kar rahe ho, B.Tech ke baad job nahi mili thi kya?” Rahul was surprised about the perception people have about MBA.

Many people believe MBA is a course people pursue when they do not get a job with another course. First of all, it is very important to establish that MBA is a course that adds value. It never guarantees a 20 LPA job at top position at top company. Many students, however, get influenced by such overhyped packages and cleverly manipulated placement statistics advertised by the institutes and develop a wrong idea about job. The point is, merely taking admission in MBA won’t fetch a job. Second, unrealistic expectations should be eliminated at earliest and the focus should be on grasping concepts than relying on placement statistics that are no lesser than a mirage.

Another problem that MBAs face is shortage of job. The truth is: there is no shortage of good jobs, there is shortage of bright candidates. The least a company looks for in a candidate is the zeal to learn. The second most important thing is attitude. Many students, mediocre in studies and never a recognized face in their college, have been picked up at best package by best companies just because they had a great attitude and willingness to learn.

Here is the concluding and the most significant part. A lot would agree they are not satisfied with their jobs. They would complain that they are given tasks they aren’t supposed to do because THEY ARE AN MBA and not a regular graduate. Again, it is the time for reality check. People at the top, who we are heavily inspired by, are the ones who did something same or even more mediocre; that you are refusing to do.

We look at our inspiration and see who they are; we do not see what they were. We do not see the struggle they had and determination they had. You need to earn trust and prove your mettle to grow up. It takes time to make things happen. What is important is to keep learning. Someone has rightly said: If you cannot fly, you should run. If you cannot run, you should walk. If you cannot walk, you should crawl. But you should keep moving.
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Article By :Abhishek Sharma


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