Rahul Gandhi likely to take over the Congress Party

Rahul Gandhi likely to take over the Congress Party

Rahul Gandhi likely to take over the Congress Party

Rahul Gandhi is all set to be elevated as the Congress President within a couple of week from now. Sonia Gandhi plans to convene a meeting on Monday, 20th November, 2017 to approve the election proceedings for the next Congress President.

The actual election process might take approximately 12 days to be finalised, from the date of notification to the actual day of elections.

Sources in the Congress Party are saying Rahul Gandhi is the likely Potential President. He would take over the first phase of pollings in Gujarat from December 9, 2017. Moreover, he is likely to take over by the end of November.

No light has been shed over the role of Sonia Gandhi, once Rahul Gandhi will take over. She is, however, to remain a figurehead of the Congress Party and would most probably continue as the Congress Party Chairperson.

Sonia Gandhi has been the Congress Party Chief since 1998 and is now the longest-serving president of the Congress Party. However, the delay in convening the re-election meeting for Rahul Gandhi’s probable elevation as the Party President has cause much suspense.

November 2016 was the time when the CWC asked Rahul Gandhi to take over as the Party President unanimously. However, Rahul wanted to go en-route elections.

The Gujarat Election process began a few months ago which has been going on as per schedule. However, the election of the Congress Party Chief, which is the last leg of the elections went delayed.

Rahul Gandhi entered politics in 2004, and in 2013 was appointed the vice-president of the Congress Party. He has been successfully running the Congress Party even during the times when Sonia Gandhi was ill.

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