Ram Charan, Samantha Akkineni “Rangasthalam” movie review


Rangasthalam is one of the craziest projects in the career of Ram Charan and Sukumar. The film has hit the theaters today and it has opened to a massive response with theatres witnessing unprecedented crowd in most centres.  The strong word of mouth spread like wild fire on social media minutes after the first show concluded.

Chitti Babu (Ram Charan) lives in Rangasthalam and helps the villagers by providing water for the agricultural fields. He falls in love with Rama Lakshmi (Samantha). His brother Kumar Babu(Aadi Pinisetti) decides to take part in the presidential elections against the existing president (Jagapathi Babu) who is a bad guy. The conflict starts there and what happens in the presidential elections, in the end, forms the story of the movie.

This is undoubtedly the career-best performance from Ram Charan. The characterisation that was designed for Ram Charan is very lovely. Charan also played it very well. He has played a character that a top hero has never played in the recent past.

The rawness in nature has been portrayed well by Ram Charan in the movie. Samantha has played the role called Rama Lakshmi who is very sweet. She looked gorgeous in the film and impressed everyone with glamour.

Jagapathi Babu has played a role which is not new to him, but he entertained everyone. Anasuya Bharadwaj looked fresh and new in the role of Rangammatha. Prakash Raj and Aadi Pinisetti have played their parts well and brought strength to the casting department. All the other actors are excellent in their limited roles.

Prakash Raj is the man who stands in the shadow throughout the film. Initially he supports Kumar Babu, and helps the brothers with the nomination. He is also the game changer in the film, who leaves us stunned in the end. Not because we don’t know where it is headed, but because of the way all of it is presented.

Rangamma athamma, played by Anasuya Bharadwaj, is a memorable supporting character whose equation with Chitti stands out. The film really belongs to director Sukumar who manages to take up an age-old formula and make it work with his vision.

Cinematography by Rathnavelu has added great value to the film. The chase sequence in the night, especially when Chitti Babu is taken over by rage, is shot so well and accompanied by great background score. It adds to the drama that unfolds on screen.

At 2 hours 50 minutes, the film is long and could have been edited better, especially the dialogue between the president and Kumar Babu seems stretched.

On the whole, Rangasthalam is a riveting village drama which has some electrifying moments at regular intervals. The village set up, human emotions, romance, and Ram Charan’s fantastic act as Chitti Babu win you over. The film will be a rage with the masses and the family audience will enjoy it too. If you ignore the slight lengthy run time and rustic nature, this movie kicks off summer with a bang and ends up as an entertaining watch this weekend. Go for it as earthy films like these are hardly made these days.

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