Ranchi Diaries trailer: Small-town firebrands hold their own in this Anupam Kher, Jimmy Shergill-starrer

A bunch of small town simpletons with some big dreams is the central idea that is portrayed well in the trailer of Ranchi Diaries. Starring stalwarts like Anupam Kher, Satish Kaushik and Jimmy Shergill along with Soundarya Sharma, Himansh Kohli and Taaha Shah, the trailer of the film gives important insights into each character.

A botched abduction is followed by a bank robbery that eventually fizzles out and lands the gang in more trouble, in Ranchi Diaries. Set in Jharkhand, the trailer features a local bigwig, a small-time goon and an aspiring actress-singer who wishes to have sold out albums and of course.

The nonchalance with which Kher, Shergill and Kaushik deliver their lines makes you think the obvious — they’ve really been around. The younger lot, too, hold their own (their accents, however, sounding more UP-ish than Jharkhand).

Despite these irregularities, the trailer packs a decent punch with a few hackneyed references, possibly to make the Jharkhandi influence obvious — words like ‘langot’, ‘lugaai’, ‘seher’. However, all in all, the essence of some small-town firebrands is captured well in the 2-minute-trailer.

Directed by Sattwik Mohanty, the project is bankrolled by Anupam Kher and Rashmin Majithia. The film is slated for a 13 October release.

Watch the trailer :

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