Rare 19th Century pictures of India(Images Only)


The Nizam Mahbub Ali Khan and Party Posed with Tiger Skins at Shikar Camp, April–May 1899

The Grand Duke Alexander of Russia and Companions after Cheetah Hunt, March 1891

Over the course of his remarkable career, Deen Dayal opened studios in Indian cities, employing over 50 photographers and assistants. This is a picture of the Grand Duke Alexander of Russia and companions after a cheetah hunt in March 1891.

Sir Asman Jah and Fancy Dress Ball Guests, Bashir Bagh Palace, February 1890

Deen Dayal and his photographers took more than 30,000 photographs of architecture, landscapes and people. This is Deen Dayal’s picture of guests at a fancy dress ball taken in Hyderabad in February 1890.

The drawing room of the Bashirbagh Palace, 1888

The opulent drawing room of the Bashir Bagh palace in Hyderabad, 1888. Many of Deen Dayal’s pictures are on view now in an exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

The Thousand Pillar Temple at Hanamkonda, December 1887–February 1888

The “thousand pillar temple” at Hanamkonda in southern Andhra Pradesh state, 1887-1888.

The Nawab Sir Asman Jah Bahadur, October 1890

Deen Dayal’s portrait of Nawab Asman Jah Bahadur, prime minister of Hyderabad state, October 1890.

Portrait of Maharaja Kishen Pershad

A portrait of Maharaja Kishen Pershad, a prime minister of Hyderabad state.

Back of Cabinet Card from Indore Studio, 13 January

The back of a cabinet card photograph taken by Deen Dayal in his studio in the Indian city of Indore, January 1894. The cabinet card got its name from its suitability for display in parlours – especially in cabinets – and was a popular medium for family portraits.



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