Remembering The Man Who Made Yoga A Global Phenomenon


The Google doodle today celebrates the birth anniversary of Yoga Guru BKS Iyengar. Perhaps this doodle in itself is a clear indicator of world’s indebtedness to him in bringing forth this ancient and scientific exercise form to the masses and making it such common property.
The Iyengar Yoga style today is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of yoga practices across the world and is taught in over 70 countries across the world. It has not just created easy access to this ancient Hindu school of wellness but also played a crucial role in highlighting the scientific approach incorporated in yoga.
Iyengar who unfortunately passed away last August would have been 97 today. Born in a large south Indian family, he was amongst the 10 of the 13 siblings who survived infancy but had a history of being an utterly sickly child. His health further deteriorated after bouts of malaria and typhoid and was introduced to yoga by his brother-in-law in his effort to regain his health.
Of course the brother-in-law was no less than Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, often referred to as the father of Modern Indian Yoga and under his tutelage, little Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar started exploring the wonders of yoga and went onto become a yoga teacher at the tender age of 18.
A career that lasted more than 8 decades, it was dotted by several bright spots and Iyengar imparted his knowledge selflessly to rich, famous as well as the common man continuously. His efforts have been recognised globally and has been honoured with the premiere civilkian awards bestowed to Indians including Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan. Iyengar’s student list of course comprised the who’s who of the world and included luminaries like Sachin Tendulkar, Queen Elizabeth of Belgium, popular violinist Yehudi Menuhin and the author Aldous Huxley. Infact just last year, Iyengar was also named amongst the 100 most influential people by Time Magazine.
His style of yoga not just opened up its immense scope to the western world but also made yogic practice more accessible to common man and helped dissipate this knowledge amongst the masses. Today yoga practitioners across the world offer their tribute to him as they master the intricacies of the trademark sirsana that he helped popularise.

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