Republic Day special: most popular patriotic songs (watch videos)

The buzz of French President to be Chief Guest gracing the National Republic Day ceremony in the country is on.

And just to add a bit of fervour in the buzz, we present you the ever-so-patriotic songs from Bollywood.

National festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day have always got a special association with Bollywood films. From the rich cultural diversity existing in our nation to the paradigms of brotherhood and patriotism, Bollywood films have time and again carved these emotions on screen with much flare and enthusiasm.

Indian cinema is believed to be a mirror of Indian society and while each one of us get our share of content, love, disappointment with various offerings that Bollywood has got in its kitty, one thing that mutually bind us is ‘being Indian.’

On Republic Day, Independence Day or any other day of national importance, a flame of patriotism is raised amongst us and we feel nostalgic and complementing such silent emotions of loyalty with the country are our Bollywood patriotic songs.

These songs are the ones that have defined the gamut of sentiments we feel whenever we see our proud ‘Tri-colour’ flying high or when we all stand up together in respect of our national anthem.

‘Bharat maa’ is the anointment we have given to our country and these Bollywood songs have always been touching our wit and soul by shaping various thoughts engraved within us.

Here follows Bollywood’s top  patriotic songs. Listen to them and feel proud to be an Indian!

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