Rise in high intensity earthquake possible next year

Rise in high intensity earthquake possible next year

Rise in high intensity earthquake possible next year

According to the latest research, scientists have found that a link between the fluctuating rotational speed of the planet earth with different seismic activities. They have revealed that with the onset of the year 2018, the rotational speed of the planet earth is most likely to slow down. These speed variations are likely to cause a burst in earth’s seismic activities. The world could witness high-magnitude earthquakes.

These devastating earthquakes are likely to pose threat to life, mankind, resources, and property in heavily populated areas. The fluctuations in relation to earth’s rotation are not just limited to this, they are also going to alter the length of the day on the planet by about a millisecond.

The information was revealed at the Geological Society of America by Roger Bilham, when he threw light on the earth’s rotation affection seismic activities and vice versa. There is a strong link between the two. “The link between Earth’ rotation and earthquake activities is strong and suggests that there will be an increase in the number of high intensity earthquakes in 2018,” he said.

It is likely that we will be met with earthquakes with intensity 7and higher. This year, 2017 went easy on earth with only about 6 severe earthquakes on the planet. However, with the onset of 2018, we could see about 20 earthquakes.

It is still difficult to predict where exactly will these earthquakes take place, in which part of the world. However, most could be seen triggering near the equator. A billion lives on the planet, living the in the tropical regions could be affected due to the same.

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